Looking to make a difference in the lives of children?

One of the most important people in a child's life is the loving and caring adult who helps them make sense of their world. Kid Biz, LLC staff help spark creativity and imagination, build self-esteem and help children make new discoveries on a daily basis. Sound good? Apply today!

Seeking premium quality care and fun-filled learning experiences for your child?

Kid Biz is committed to providing premium quality learning experiences for children. Although valuable learning takes place through play, we also offer a structured learning program for all ages. All activities are purposefully designed to expand the child’s world and encourage cognitive and intellectual development.

We provide transportation to and from local school districts. We also provide all of your child’s meals- breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks. All of our site's are Keystone STAR certified. Find out more about the Keystone STARS program.

Sound good? Enroll today!