Educational Programs Overview

Kid Biz is committed to providing premium quality learning experiences for children. Although valuable learning takes place through play, we also offer a structured learning program for all ages. All activities are purposefully designed to expand the child’s world and encourage cognitive and intellectual development. Themes are explored through the following:

Children's Literature


Gross Motor: Large Muscle Activities


Cooking and Food


Mathematics: Basic Skills and Analytical Thinking


Science Experiences


Baby Signs: 100 to 500 Signs




Fine Motor: Hands and Fingers Activities


Language Experiences


Free Art Expression and Structured Crafts


Social Studies: History, Community, Earth Care and Other Cultures and Countries


Social and Emotional Growth


We utilize the "All About Preschoolers" curriculum which is an environment-based curriculum that follows five guiding principles:

  • Understanding how children learn so that learning can take place at all times the children are in the program
  • Understanding child development
  • Understanding to trust children so that each child will be able to learn what is needed for later success
  • Understanding to respect children as individuals
  • Understanding how to share knowledge with children

This curriculum is aligned with the PA Learning Standards.

"Zoophonics" curriculum encourages our Toddler and Pre-K classrooms to develop phonemic awareness.