Kid “Bizy” Recipe: Pre-K Success

Here at Kid Biz, we understand how important the prekindergarten years are for a child. Pre-K is now integral to a young child’s development: intellectually, socially and emotionally.

The early years of a child’s education provide them with the foundation of learning for the rest of the school career. We do our best to ensure it is a positive and motivating time for both the child and his/her family.

At Kid Biz, we believe children “learn through play” and we provide both a safe and loving environment as well as a caring and qualified team of staff to facilitate the daily learning activities.

Our Main Ingredients are:
  • A clean and healthy, well-maintained learning environment
  • Organized learning centers and activities
  • Fresh ingredients and additions for all areas to keep centers interesting and theme related
  • Daily schedules and smooth transitions

Stir in a Cup of Curriculum:
  • Biweekly themes based on the “All About Preschool” curriculum that are also aligned with the PA Common Core Standards
  • “Zoophonics” Program encouraging letter recognition and writing skills to ensure Kindergarten
  • A dash of American Sign Language with a sprinkle of Spanish throughout each theme

Whip Up Something Sweet with “The Incredible Years- Dinosaur School”:
  • Fold in the basics of Social and Emotional growth
  • Mix it with self help and problem solving skills
  • Add a touch of “turtle power”

Now Turn Up the Heat with Technology:
  • All Pre-K children are given daily opportunities for computer time as well as other digital technology
  • All programs are on a child lock mode and have child friendly applications installed

Let it Cool with:
  • A portfolio that has traveled with your child since the Infant Room and will continue through the School Age years
  • Initial Assessment and “Getting to Know You and Your Child” meeting within the first 45 days of enrollment
  • Quarterly Assessments and Parent/Teacher Conferences to set and achieve goals with families
  • Work Sampling Report and Digital Portfolio allowing us to chart developmental growth
  • Monthly Newsletters and Calendars

All of these and a blend of so much more are what help to set Kid Bid Pre-K above the rest! Feel free to stop in or call to get your child “cooking” the “Kid Bizy” way!