Kid “Bizy” Recipe: Infant Success

Here at Kid Biz, our Infants are always hungry for an enriching educational formula which nurtures their well-being. This formula includes our highly trained and qualified team of staff who meet all of their physical and emotional needs. Infant classrooms are arranged according to our Infants’ development and learning and support their unique individual routines.

As our Infants’ abilities change, our staff accommodates the environment with carefully selected equipment and toys to offer new challenges and encourage the next mastered skill.

Our Infant classrooms see the most growth in the shortest amount of time! By the time our Infants are about 8 months old, they begin to see themselves as individuals more separate from the group. As they become more mobile, more space is given so they may explore the world around them. With the help of our caring and loving team of staff, Infants are given every opportunity to explore language and will be muttering their first words before their first birthday!

Our Main Ingredients are:
  • A clean and healthy, well-maintained learning environment which is cozy, comfortable and responsive to an infant’s needs
  • Individualized schedules to suit each infant’s unique feeding and napping routines
  • Organized areas that grow with our Infants, from more active areas for mobile little ones to tummy time areas for those just learning to lift their heads
  • Fresh ingredients and additions for all areas to keep centers interesting and theme related
  • An environment which helps to develop secure attachments

Stir in a Cup of Curriculum:
  • Our team of staff works closely with your infant’s first teacher… YOU!
  • Biweekly themes based on the Kaplan “Infant and Toddler Planning Guide” which infuses language and motor skills into every day routines
  • A dash of American Sign Language through “Baby Signs”
  • Add a sprinkle of Spanish throughout each theme

Whip Up Something Sweet:
  • Monthly Infant Fact Sheets are updated at the beginning of each month or as necessary; introducing new foods, feeding amounts and/or schedule increases/decreases, detection of allergies, etc.

Let it Cool with:
  • A portfolio that has traveled with your child since the Infant Room and will continue through the School Age years
  • Initial Assessment and “Getting to Know You and Your Child” meeting within the first 45 days of enrollment
  • Quarterly Assessments and Parent/Teacher Conferences to set and achieve goals with families
  • Monthly Newsletters and Calendars

All of these and a blend of so much more are what help to set Kid Bid Infants above the rest! Feel free to stop in or call to get your child “cooking” the “Kid Bizy” way!