Kid “Bizy” Recipe: Toddler Success

At Kid Biz, we recognize that the first 3 years of a child’s life are the foundation of their early learning education and success for the prekindergarten and school age years. We understand the role for our team of staff in this setting is so essential; that is why we have created an Infant and Toddler program using a high quality recipe, with love as the main ingredient.

As our Infants become Toddlers, their day becomes more structured and group oriented. The organization of their day by our highly trained and qualified team of staff is key. Within their day there are varied times for high energy play, small group guidance, interest center play and a set routine of eating, napping and potty training/diapering; all with the goal of independence and mastery. As a Toddler’s day becomes more predictable, they gain more confidence and are tuned in to mastering skills and concepts that are introduced to them.

Our Main Ingredients are:
  • A clean and healthy, well-maintained learning environment
  • Organized learning centers and activities
  • Fresh ingredients and additions for all areas to keep centers interesting and theme related
  • Daily schedules and smooth transitions

Stir in a Cup of Curriculum:
  • Biweekly themes based on the Kaplan “Infant and Toddler Planning Guide” which infuses language and motor skills into every day routines
  • Mix in a generous helping of Art; it’s about a process not a product in a Toddler’s eyes so… Let’s get messy!
  • Stir in a few scoops of new knowledge by adding to prior knowledge and helping Toddlers learn through play and group activities
  • A dash of American Sign Language through “Baby Signs”
  • Add a sprinkle of Spanish throughout each theme

Whip Up Something Sweet with “Mind in the Making”:
  • Our Toddler team of staff understand our role and know our long term impact on each young mind we teach each day
  • We understand that all Toddlers’ brains use different areas of thought and are motivated by curiosity, so we enjoy letting the children explore the world around them
  • We understand that human connections are vital to building knowledge and enjoy one-on-one time with each child along with group activities that encourage friendship and establishing relationships
  • We also know that Social, Emotional and Intelligential learning are inextricably linked

Now Turn Up the Heat with Technology:
  • All Toddlers are given daily opportunities and equitable access to explore digital technology
  • Technology is used with an intentional purpose and special consideration with Toddlers
  • All programs are on a child lock mode and have child friendly applications installed

Let it Cool with:
  • A portfolio that has traveled with your child since the Infant Room and will continue through the School Age years
  • Initial Assessment and “Getting to Know You and Your Child” meeting within the first 45 days of enrollment
  • Quarterly Assessments and Parent/Teacher Conferences to set and achieve goals with families
  • Ounce and Ounce Online offer a Digital Portfolio allowing us to chart developmental growth
  • Monthly Newsletters and Calendars

All of these and a blend of so much more are what help to set Kid Bid Infants above the rest! Feel free to stop in or call to get your child “cooking” the “Kid Bizy” way!